The Loud Soft Loud is songwriters Meghan Rose and Jake Ripp-Dieter, combining their love for classic rock, 90s grunge, and screlting vocals. Think Aerosmith fronted by Courtney Love and you'll get an idea. The Loud Soft Loud breathes fresh air into rock music and seeks to make you feel lots of things whether it's remembering falling in love for the first time or being grateful for your cat or reminding yourself that you are a badass and don't let anyone wreck you.

"They're my teenage dream" -Amber, LSL fan

Rose and Ripp-Dieter met in Madison, Wisconsin in 2010. Rose wrote the music for a musical about zombies and hired Jake to play guitar for the production at a community theater. The pair realized they had a common sensibility for music and classical training, Rose in piano and Ripp-Dieter in upright bass. They started going to shows together and would continue to play in theater pit bands for several more musicals. 

In 2012, Rose joined Ripp-Dieter's band as a bass player and they started writing songs together. In 2014, Rose wrote a solo album which was produced by Darryl Neudorf (Neko Case) and received high acclaim and awards in the Madison music scene. Ripp-Dieter played guitar and acted as a co-writer on several songs.

In 2016, Rose and Ripp-Dieter decided to take their partnership to the next level and moved to New York City to help grow their new sound. The Loud Soft Loud was born out of a passion for timeless music, badass riffs, writing in diners at 4am, sleeping next to cats, and finding places to turn the guitars up. You can find the two walking around Bushwick on Saturdays headed to Tina's Place where they find solace and tradition in Brooklyn's ever-changing landscape.