The Loud Soft Loud is a rock group originally from the places Wisconsin and Minnesota. The Loud Soft Loud offers more than 12 one-of-a-kind songs including: traditional rock songs with a lead guitar solo and/or a bridge, sorrowful heartache songs, harder rock songs with screams, and hopeful songs with a keyboard instrument.

Vocalist Meghan Rose (the one with the longest hair) describes her lyrics as "pretty alright" and "about feelings" and "sometimes love songs". 

Guitarist and co-songwriter Jake Ripp-Dieter (the blonde one) describes the band's sound as "can I turn my guitar up?" and "wait, this isn't an AC30, I wanted an AC30".

Drummer Ross Backenkeller (the curly one) brings his jazz background to the rock milieu and tries to find a tambourine at every rehearsal. He likes to count songs off with his drum sticks.

Songwriting style = Aerosmith + Queen
Vocal style = Courtney Love + Janis Joplin